Manta Bay Nusa Penida and Manta Point Nusa Penida

We’re going to discuss this further to know the difference between the two places. if you wanna visit Nusa Penida or are currently in Nusa Penida, you surely wanna explore all popular spots here. Not only the ocean view, cliff, beautiful white sand beach but also the colorful underwater life in Nusa Penida that you’re interested to see has its own charm. By doing snorkeling, you can have an encounter with school of fish, corals, or even mantas. Yes, people are exploring the underwater life of Nusa Penida to see manta rays.

What is Manta Ray?

As cited from Wikipedia, manta ray is one of the biggest manta species in the world. It can get 7 meters long from its fin to another. The heaviest manta ever been weighted is reaching 3 tons.

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida?

If you’re looking for an agent that provides snorkeling in Nusa Penida and you wanna see mantas, it’s best for you to ask them whether they visit manta bay or manta point as most agencies in Penida only goes to manta bay instead of manta point.

What’s the difference between Manta Bay and Manta Point?

We come to the part where you will understand if your agency takes you to Manta Bay, the chance that you will see manta rays is less. So don’t get disappointed but just keep on reading.

What about Manta Point in Nusa Penida?

If you visit Manta Point, the chance that you encounter manta rays is higher. This spot is where all manta rays swim so that you can see them or even swim with 1 – 2 of them.

Where is Manta Bay located in Nusa Penida?

Manta Bay Nusa Penida is located around the cliff of Broken Beach. If you visit Broken Beach in the morning (around 9-10 am), you will see smaller boats taking snorkelers to the bay. If you’re lucky enough you can see it from atop of the cliff.

Where is Manta Point Nusa Penida located?

Manta Points is situated close to Peguyangan Waterfall. This spot is pretty far from the starting point for snorkeling (Crystal Bay Beach), that’s why most snorkeling agencies don’t go all the way there to visit Manta Point. Plus, the tide is high and it can get very rocky and shaky on the way. Tho the chance to see mantas are higher, but the wave is also on the higher side. Now you know the difference between Manta Bay and Manta Point, what are you waiting for?

Wall Point Nusa Penida

Wall Point Nusa Penida |Where is it? What can you do here?

If you are googling for Wall Point Nusa Penida right now, there is a big chance that you want to find the good spot for snorkeling in Bali or Nusa Penida. So, have you find anything helpful? If not maybe because Wall Point Nusa Lembongan is not really popular snorkeling spot to sell by itself.

Wall Point is one of the best snorkeling spot in Nusa Penida.

There so many snorkeling spot in Bali and most of them located in these three islands located in south Bali. Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Wall point itself is located in Nusa Penida Island, in its southern side to be precise. This snorkeling spot is usually bundle as a daytrip snorkeling trip with other popular snorkeling spots such as Gamat Bay, Manta Point or others. Wall Point is usually the starting point to start any snorkeling tour which explore the southern part sea of the island. This spot is good for non-swimmer as well since you can see the coral and fishes just from the boat.

What is Wall Point Nusa Penida?

As you can understand by now that Wall point is snorkeling spot, but why it is called Wall Point? This is because the spot is like a wall  duhh…..LOL. Wall point Nusa Penida lays as a barrier between the short beach area and the deep sea of Indian Ocean. As I said before it got its name because it is a wall of coral which serves millions of fishes. Hence, Wall Point 

How to get to Wall Point?

Wall point Nusa Penida can be reach from Bali by boats. The boats are available from several ports in Bali such as Serangan, Sanur, Kelungkung and Padangbay as well. I won’t go details on this since you can google it and thousands of thousands of people will bombard you with boat pricing and holiday package to Nusa Penida . Once reach the island, you rent car or motorcycle. A little tips, if you are not a cat and don’t have 9 life please rent a car. The road in the island is like its sea waves so it can be very dangerous if you are not familiar with motorcycle. You can find a hotel if you want to stay more than a night in the island (which is really recommended since there are so many places to take wonderful selfie here and make your friends jealous) or you can book a daytrip from Bali which will not require overnight in the island. Book it with us  you see what I did there…. I am such a masterclass salesman LOL.

The snorkeling details.

The island of Nusa Penida & Nusa Lembongan are very famous for the snorkeling trips. It is because the bio diversity of the coral and fish species here. The islands were used to be a big big seaweed farming. Most of the islanders were living from their seaweed farming. The island was so much more beautiful back then . So when tourist start coming, they see the potential and turning into tourist guides and souvenirs seller. Since the seaweed was so good for the fish (everything with weed is good  you know what I mean right) they live and grow their population around the islands. The coral was also get the benefit of the seaweed. And in the conclusion, I was made up all that information  or more like that is my personal thought. The Snorkeling become more and more famous for many visitors who come to Bali and some snorkeling spots were found one by one. Wall Point itself is very big area for snorkeling but since it is not too deep, people usually snorkel here for 45 minutes before moving to other spots.

What to Bring here?

Money and sunscreen, lot and lots of it. 

What do you need to pay attention to?

As you are visiting tropical island, there is nothing you actually need to be worry here. You might need to pay more attention to the safety of the tour because you will be in open water and everything can happens if you are not careful. And please please don’t rent a bike /motorbike if you are not familiar with it. The road here is not as good as in Bali mainland (although the roads in Bali not even that good).

Why do you need to book with us?

Ok here is the deal, book with us and will never regret your decision. I am local person, I know every single human being and non human being in the island. I can get you anywhere you want to go and can provide you the best rate. I am working on a team spirit, not a big company. We care about our guests cause at the end we need your 5 starts review in Tripadvisor .

So contact us if you need more details on my expertise LOL.

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Peguyangan Waterfall

Peguyangan Waterfall, Nusa Penida Bali. Here you have to dare your self to go down if you visit this place, since it's a little steep. However if you arrive at the bottom part, you can find pure water, which is used by the people of Nusa Penida for their life.
Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach

Enjoy the view from the top of this beach with the diamond-shape coral reef. This beach is not for swimming and going down is not advisable as the sea is very rough and dangerous

Giri Putri Cave

Giri Putri Cave Temple is one of the important temples in Nusa Penida. Many Hindu who pray there daily or even during the full moon, new moon, kajeng kliwon, or other Hindu religious days. The entrance of this temple is very narrow, in which we can only bend down to enter the cave, where the temple is located. But once we are inside the cave, we will admire how huge it is. In the center of the cave, we can see temples built by local people. Here, we can pray or do purification.

Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is located in the east side on Nusa Penida. It is also called Raja Ampat version of Bali. Scenic cliff and blue ocean will pamper your vacation. You can also enjoy the white sand, which takes you to go down the stairs.
Car Temple

Car Temple (Pura Paluang)

Car temple is a different temple compared to common temples in Bali. this temple is very unique. it holds its own story, which is believed by the local people. once, the local people heard a car noise passing around the road in nusa penida. meanwhile, no car was owned at that age of time. following to this tale, then a Hindu priest said to have a dream that he wanted to have a car temple.

Paluang Cliff (Elephant Bay)

The view in Paluang Cliff is so beautiful, located near from Kelingking Beach, here you can admire the cliff view and the blue ocean. If you're lucky enough, you can find group of monkeys roaming around here and there.

Kelinging bakal logo

Kelingking Beach

Kelingking beach is the icon of Nusa Penida (based on my own survey to visitors who went to Nusa Penida). Here, you can witness the unspoiled nature with the view of white sand beach from up above the cliff, with its blue ocean as its background. There is a pathway to go down to the beach, a lil bit steep, but I can guarantee it’s worth every sweat. Only go down if you’re fit enough, since it takes huge energy to come up again. If you're lucky enough, you can find manta rays can often be seen.


Angel's Billabong

Angel's Billabong is a place that owns a pool, but not a public pool of course. When the tide is not so high, then anybody can just dip into this natural pool. Out of its beauty, this billabong holds its own tale that you might wanna know too. Once, it was believed that this place belonged to angels who descend from the above. Villagers believed that these angels took a bath in the billabong. Since then, no one dared to come and enjoyed dipping into this pool. As the time passed by, many tourists come and discovered this beautiful place, it has now become one of the destinations that should be ticked out from your bucket list. It is highly suggested to be very careful and aware when coming here, since the wave may come and go anytime.

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