Broken Beach

Broken beach (pasih uug in Balinese) is named after a cliff that has a giant whole in its center and lets the water run through so it looks like a giant natural pool. This giant pool has its own legend believed by the local people. Once, there was a village on this-now-giant-pool. One day, a cow, not knowing from where, passed by this village, which was eventually slaughtered by the local people of this village. Soon after that, two kids came looking for the cow. Stupidly, none of those local people admit that they just slaughtered the cow, not even saying that they saw it. Later, the kids put a stick into the ground and said “if it was none of you who got the cow gone, pull this stick up”. Magically, it was stuck and none of the villagers could pull it away. Alas, once the kids pull the stick, the ground was also broken and the whole village was washed away by the water from the ocean. So it becomes the broken beach.

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